Our sweet story

Joseph, Chris and Charles started Swahili Honey in 2015 with strong values to produce high quality honey and support Tanzania’s rural beekeepers.

We are proud to continue our tradition and we couldn't have sone that without our valuable customers. With their support we have grown a number of our rural beekeepers to more than 700, and enabling us to keep doing what we love - bringing to market a world-class, ethically sourced, delicious and pure 100% Tanzanian honey.

Proudly Tanzanian owned, Swahili Honey has a long held commitment to quality control and assurance, product innovation and driving consumer awareness and consumption of honey.

Swahili Honey passionately cares about our bees and their hard work to make this amazing sweetness. That is why we have chosen to put the honey drop at the centre of our brandmark, that Swahili Honey will handle every honey drop produced with love and care.

Why We are the Best?

Highest and consistent quality control of entire value chain from production to the table. Our honey is fully traceable, means we know where it comes from, who is the beekeeper, extraction process and distribution.

A mutual rewarding business relationship with our hardworking rural beekeepers and their families who entrust their products to us.

We cares about our bees and their hard work to make this amaizing sweetness, and we promise to handle every drop of honey they produce. That’s why we have chosen to put the honey drop at the centre of our brandmark, that swahili honey will handle every drop of honey produced with love and care.

Our values

We provide 100% Tanzanian honey and 100% Tanzanian grown produce

We are the most passionate advocate for the communication of the important role honeybees play to food production through their pollination.

We believe the growth of our business and our industry is dependent on profit balanced with sustainability.

We always act with integrity and fairness to others. We lead by good example, we respect everyone and we never exploit people or the environment.

What we do

We partner with smallholder beekeeper to bring high quality honey in the market


Swahili honey train the smallholder farmers and traditional beekeepers about the advance beekeeping and hygiene harvesting techniques

Aggregate Honey

We purchase all the honey from our network of smallholder farmers at a fair market price and pay
on purchase (on-time)

Processing & Packing

Swahili honey owns honey processing facility in Dodoma Tanzania where honey is been processed,
filtered and packed


We distribute our honey to wholesaler and retail shops, supermarket, hotels etc, and export some to neighbor countries

Team members

Great things in business are never done by one person. BEE inspired by our team.

Joseph Kadendula

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Charles Kazaula

Chief Marketing Officer

Christofer Kadendula

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Faraji Mkindi

Beekeeping Officer

Sophia Chilambo

Chief Operation Officer

Hiroyuki Itoh

Strategic International Partner

Luni Libes

Investor, Mentor and Advisor

Alessandro Leornardi

Investor, Mentor and Advisor

Our Farmers testimonial

I have been a beekeeper for more than 15 years and I walk by foot almost 15kms into the bush to harvest my log hives. I met Joseph in 2015 when I was selling my honey on the roadside. Now I have access to a reliable market.

Rashid Juma (Itigi, Singida)

I have never seen a beehive colonized in just a week and you start getting honey within 3 - 4 months. The new technology which Swahili Honey has brought to us is unbelievable.

Mzee Kangombai (Mbuyuni, Masasi)

Natural Goodness and best of all honey in Tanzania, it tastes great and it offers consistency in quality. It is the most wonderful honey I have never test before. Try Swahili Honey today!

Benson Jacob

Our business partners

Meet the partners who have made our existence both fun & powerful

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Korea International Cooperation Agence
International Trade center